Can we quantify the “ugly Christmas sweater”? It’s news you can use — not just for data science projects, but also for your festive fashion choices.

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If you’ve been invited to an themed party, you might wonder: Is this sweater I picked actually ugly, or am I just a poor judge of fashion? Or maybe you just wear what you think is a “nice” holiday sweater. …

Classification models can help us understand factors related to service delays, evaluate the effects of holidays, and predict future delays based on important criteria.

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While many of us happily feast and relax on Thanksgiving, others are out there doing what’s necessary to keep society operating on the holiday. Local government agencies, law enforcement, and others still take in requests for help and try to fulfill them.

Vukosi Marivate, Ph.D., chair of data science at the University of Pretoria, talks about the advancement of data science practice and education in Africa, especially around low-resource languages and NLP.

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Vukosi Marivate, Ph.D., chair of data science at the University of Pretoria, brought his insights and experience to an episode of the Data Science Mixer podcast for a conversation about the status and growth of data science in Africa, as well as some fascinating collaborations around building natural language processing…

Abhishek Gupta, author of the forthcoming book Actionable AI Ethics, discusses how to move from discussing AI ethics in the abstract to putting them into practice

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, founder of the and a machine learning engineer at Microsoft, joined us on the Data Science Mixer podcast to talk about why conversations about AI ethics can be difficult to shift into everyday organizational practices. …

Use the Image Profile Tool in Alteryx Designer to quickly learn about your image dataset, then add just a few lines of Python to create a data visualization with a custom color palette


It’s always fun to watch TV detectives notice details and solve crimes by just looking around a crime scene. Their powers of observation are dramatic and impressive (though sometimes they face a few humorous challenges along the way, depending on the show).

Haters gonna hate on word clouds. But they’re still useful visualizations, and you can make them better.

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Word clouds: They sound so light, fluffy and fun. They’re a popular way of visualizing the frequency of terms in text data. But data commentators have long criticized these handy graphics, as in , and…

How does data science power the university student experience behind the scenes? Danielle Lyles, data and evaluation scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder, tells us about her work.

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Danielle Lyles is a data and evaluation scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder who works jointly in the Office of Data Analytics and the Office of Undergraduate Education.

A former mathematics faculty member, Danielle joined us on the podcast to discuss how the university is using…

Susan Currie Sivek, Ph.D.

Sr. Data Science Journalist, Alteryx. Host, Data Science Mixer podcast. Data geek. Former journalism professor and researcher. Writer, knitter, hiker. she/her

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